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5 Actionable Content Tips For Publishers

In this episode, I share five of my top tips for publishers that will help them level-up their content game for 2021.

SEO Content Q&A - Your Questions Answered

In this episode, I answer all your questions about content.

Easy Ways To Identify & Fix Cannibalization

In this episode, I discuss the main factors behind cannibalization. I talk about why it matters to identify the right cause, and how that gives you the right course of action to fix the problems.

How To Create Quality Content That Ranks

In this episode, I discuss why you should be focused on creating quality content, and how to do so by eliminating mistakes in some of the common areas people go wrong.

Content Length, Black Sheep & Champion Lists

What do content length, black sheep, and champion lists have to do with one another? Find out what and why it matters.

Does Your Website Have Crawl Issues?

In this episode, I discuss how the indexing pipeline works and why crawling is one of the biggest areas that can cause issues. I then help you identify if you are having crawl issues on your website and what you should do about them.

Goodbye F-Pattern, Hello Layer-Cake!

In this episode, I discuss the difficulties websites are facing today with the f-pattern, potentially losing you over 1/4 of visitors to your website. Instead, I talk about a better alternative, known simply as the layer-cake pattern.

3 Information Retrieval Concepts You Can Use For SEO Today!

In this episode, I discuss three important information retrieval methods that are used by search engines that you can use to your advantage for SEO right now.

SEO Nuggets from Google's Recent Hearing Testimony & Doc Evidence

In this episode, I discuss some of the tidbits of information that have been uncovered during the recent 'Online Platforms & Market Power' hearings. I talk about some of the possible implications we can infer from the documents, and give my own personal view on the subject.

Common On-Page SEO Myths & Mistakes To Avoid

Learn about some of the common mistakes and myths that you might not have given much thought.

Is SEO Situational? Does It Really Depend?

Why does 'it depends' cause such debate in the SEO community? Is SEO actually situational? Does it really depend?

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